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Monday, 6 February 2017


So life can get a little crazy sometimes, and with all of the running around that life brings, we all look for ways to simplify our lives so we can do things easily, resulting in 'stressing less. ' 
Some of us live with a routine and some of us don't, but I do believe in this day and age anything that helps us get through our day with ease and is' convenient' is a MUST- and I am about to share with you something that will be just that.
I am lucky enough to be testing out the new OPTUS PAY devices and I am taking you on my journey of 'a day in the life of Casey - using Optus Pay ' - warts and all! Not every day is glamorous and sometimes a day is plain crazy - but I can tell you my day was definitely made easier with the new Optus devices. 

What is  OPTUS PAY ? -  It's a contactless payment app ( powered by VISA PAY Wave ) which links to compatible accessories such as a smart cup , wristband payment sticker , to make payments under $100 - instead of using cash or cards - so you can just swipe and go ! 
I was beyond excited to give it a go and my day went a little like this…

7am | - Started my day going to the gym , so I went with my workout gear and my pink wristband (inside the band was the little chip with my $ !)  I finished my workout and ran down to LUXE for a chai tea and some breakfast - I ordered and asked if I could swipe my wrist to pay - the guys didn't believe me and they literally looked stunned as I power rangered my money to their machine !  - 
So handy I didn't need my phone or my wallet ! (Spent $15) 

8:30am | - I headed home - got changed (and put on my watch with the optus pay tag attached) and headed back to Westfield to pick up a birthday gift for a friend and decided on a voucher for a nail salon !  You wouldn't believe it - I left my wallet at home !! - and not even for the purpose of this blogpost ! So this really, truly absolutely came in handy when I had to pay and I had my pay tag on! I swiped and left with a good $35.00 deducted from my account - which shows on the OPTUS PAY app as you go!


11am | - I was in total need of an energy boost  so I stopped for a coffee at NOOK and used the amazing Smart Cup! The lady filled my cup with coffee, I swiped the cup over the Eftpos machine and …success! Even I was excited ! ! The three ladies in line were so intrigued - I felt very special and futuristic :) Spent $3.50 


12pm | - I got a call from my sister to go mind the kids for the afternoon - so as I was leaving I wondered if I could use the wristband to pay for parking as I cannot stand rummaging around for coins with everyone behind me  - I entered my ticket and swiped the big machine and SUCCESS ($7.00) - I was out of here in a second and off to the kiddies… ( these things work everywhere!)

I got to Broadway shops and the kids were begging for an ice-cream, and being Aunty of the year I yelled "YES ICE-CREAM FOR ALL" - My niece Cassidy really wanted to give the pay wave a turn, so she popped on the pink wristband  - ordered , and she made the payment with the swipe of her wrist - She said it felt like magic! Even the kids love using it! (Spent $13.00)

2pm | - The ice- creams were downed in record timing - and I was desperate to get my food shop in - I never really spend over $100 on groceries as I try to do them every few days - So I headed to Harris Farm and stocked up on all the fresh fruit and veggies and breakfast foods I needed for the week and luckily it came to around $90 so I used the amazing wristband to swipe and go and it was so easy and quick , and I LOVE that I didn't have to carry my wallet with me! 

4pm | - After unpacking my groceries I headed over to see my friend for her birthday and took her to The Italian in Willoughby  - We talked, laughed ate and enjoyed our meal - and I was able to wear my watch the whole time without her noticing my watch had a visa Optus pay tag attached! I used my watch to pay over the machine and the waiter said " lady you are living in the future!"  - and he was spot on! (Spent $85.00)


 It really is the way of the future, and Optus has made it so easy and convenient for everyone to use.  From the gym to the shops to a day out with the kiddies- I didn't have to lug a huge bag or my phone around and I could do it all with convenience and ease, with items that aren't too bulky and actually fit in with my daily life !  There is a $500 limit and you can upload and watch the money balance so you are in complete control of your spending. 

All in all I loved using all of the Optus Pay accessories and I really do like feeling like a modern day power ranger with the swipe and go! It's super handy, easy to use and definitely the way of the future .

So where can you find out more and get your hands on one? 
Head to ;


for all of the details !
Happy Shopping !!

Casey xx

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