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Wednesday, 12 July 2017


Most of us are living lives that have diaries overflowing, people to see and places to be. We all attempt to find our inner peace and switch off when we can, and a lot of the time  it's when we are so overwhelmed that we actually need to,  but how successful are we at TRULY switching off?  I know the true mindfulness peeps reading this have their hand in the air sipping their camomile probably affirming that they can, and do ( I am oh so envious!)  but I know that if i'm being completely honest with myself, I probably never really completely switch off ( is this you too?) 

 I find my days surrounded by a lot of different and new people and i'm often travelling or on the go, so by the end of the day / after a performance it can feel like i've just run a race, physically and mentally and my idea of switching off is food, conversation and trying my hardest to get to sleep so I don't crash the next day! I have tried many times to mediate... I promise i'll get there one day, but one thing I have discovered that truly works wonders and has definitely improved my livelihood, is getting off the grid. Bailing on this big city smoke, and enjoying some good old fashioned fresh air and removing myself from society to stop, reflect and recharge .

I have spoken a lot about health retreats which I am a huge advocate for, but I have come across a delightful slice of heaven where you can escape from the hustle and bustle of your work, home or life stresses and seriously, truly, once and for all RELAX

May I introduce to you the glorious masterpiece that is...Miguel. 

The incredibly talented people at UNYOKED have built a "tiny house" and placed it in the wilderness for you to escape, unwind and disconnect - this sustainable creation is completely solar powered and sustainable so with this tiny house comes a tiny carbon footprint - 
where do we sign up?!

The most amazing part of this adventure, is that is exactly what it is, an adventure!
We were given directions on the morning of, so we drove the 2 hours from Sydney and followed the magical trail to our tiny house on top of the hill. We settled in, made a fire outside and watched the day tuck itself away behind the hills and watched the stars come out, and without sounding cheesy, it was one of the most incredibly relaxing, romantic moments I've ever experienced. 

After a deliciously comfortable sleep, we woke up to one of the most incredible things I have ever witnessed. The local farm animals decided to wake us up with their morning calls, and it was beyond magical, and quite hilariously surreal actually! We had a little play with the sheep and cows and cooked ourselves a breakfast in the mini kitchen, and soaked up all that the beautiful surroundings had to offer with a cup of sticky chai tea in hand. Ahhhhh BLISS!

Already forgotten about the city ? DITTO.
 I cannot recommend this place enough and it was just the switch of we needed.

So what are you waiting for ?! Get out from behind that desk, put away the spreadsheets and pack those bags, your tiny house in the wilderness is waiting!

For all information on this little slice of heaven head to :

Travel with a loved one, a friend or escape on your own for maximum chill.
 You won't regret it. 

Casey xx

Instagram- @unyoked


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