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Tuesday, 28 June 2016


Don’t get me wrong, who doesn’t love a cozy night by the heater and a snuggly pair of slippers, but regardless of this – summer is where I belong! Recently I travelled to Bali and spent an amazing week away refreshing and revitalizing, nothing more important than taking time to check in with yourself especially smack bang in the middle of a busy year. But all good things come to and end, so it was goodbye Bali and back home to winter in Sydney ( and crazy torrential storms! ) 

Why is it that holidays always go so quickly, but the working week sometimes just never ends? Unfortunately my unforgettable tropical holiday ow seems like a distant memory. 
Nothing says home to winter like a whopping great cold, but hey, it is flu season right? Call me crazy, but I can’t tell you just how much I’m missing my workout routine and active wear !

Recently BUPA Australia posed me this question: “If you could insure anything, what would it be?”

Hmm.. well as confusing as any insurance can be sometimes, what I do know is that they’ve got my health covered, even my teeth, that’s for sure, but if I had to choose one thing I think it would be my dimples, yep, you know those little dents that appear when you crack a huge smile? - in my case I like to call them the two craters on my face that can be seen from space !
At the moment, cooped up at home with the sniffles I don’t really have that much to smile about, but when I kick this cold, believe me when I say the dimples will be out in full force, and that’s what I’d insure if I could! - cos dimples don't age too gracefully that's for sure… 

So if you, like me are experiencing a little bout of the old winter blues, here’s a list of  five things to help you get back on track and smiling in no time, dimples and all. 

Introduce soup into your diet:
Whenever you’re in the mood for something warm and hearty, soup is the perfect option. Depending on the ingredients used, it can be really healthy and delicious and not boring .  My go to - is throw every left over veggie you have in the pot, with garlic onion and chicken stock, a can of crushed tomatoes and a can of 4 bean mix and let simmer until you are ready to eat… add a piece of toast with a dash of butter and you are good to go!!

Stay Active In Winter:
Some mornings can be overly cold and it’s a struggle making your way to the gym. Why don’t you try squeezing in 30 minutes during lunchtime or after work? 30 minutes of moving is all you need to boost the metabolism and get those endorphins moving ! I have been loving barre classes which is a mix of cardio/ ballet and pilates and is so much fun - and my god does it work your booty! Also if yoga is your thing try a Bikrim yoga class in a heated room ! 

Remember to stay hydrated:
This is something that most find particularly hard…Make sure to remind yourself to drink at least two litres of water. It will not only keep your body hydrated but it can help rid your body and skin of toxins. My suggestion would be to add chlorophyl into your water and sip on this through the day, it's a great way to alkalise your body and rid it of toxins. 

Invest in your health – literally:
I know all too well that health insurance can be overwhelming and it can sometimes seem really hard. I’m here to simplify it for you as I've done the research! Bupa has it covered. They have simplified everything, and made it super easy to understand! Don’t wait till the last minute or until you’re 31 to get it sorted, get on top of this now- or you will find yourself paying extra taxes, and having a rough time if anything goes wrong health wise. Aint nobody got time for that! 

Rest and refresh:
There’s nothing better than a good nights sleep. They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing. It’s recommended that we need at least seven hours of sleep a day and winter is the perfect time to catch up on some much needed z’s. Try jumping on the Dry July bandwagon and going alcohol free for a month, and raise money for a good cause ! Use the month to get all of those things down that you have been putting off, like clearing out your wardrobe, or catching up with that old friend you have been putting off… a lot can be achieved without a hangover - and i can tell you your body and your bank account will thank you :) 

If you need to get on top of your health insurance, make sure you visit BUPA.COM.AU and get insurance today 



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