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Monday, 23 March 2015


Do you ever wake up on the weekend and have multiple thoughts and ideas on where to go for lunch or dinner that night? We all have our favourite spots when we don't feel like cooking for ourselves, but the same old menu can get monotonous and boring . When I discovered this restaurant on Instagram 
( of course ) I was immediately intrigued by the incredible recipes, colours and fancy smoothies I was seeing . Raw, organic, vegetarian AND delicious?! I had to try it out. When you see a 'foodporn' picture and want to lick your screen you know that the place is a must try. 


I can tell you right now, after my first lunch experience at Sadhana Kitchen in Enmore, I am absolutely 100% obsessed and hooked ! I was the annoying person making all of the 'oohhh' ' mmmm' 'yummy' noises in the corner, and they were all called for!

There are endless amounts of the most intriguing delicious smoothies ( in a jar of course ) and a menu that makes you want to forget about portion size, I wanted literally everything on the menu. I took my sister Deanna to experience the place with me and we were both so overwhelmed for choice and the best part is it is all SO healthy that you can stick around for dessert and not even feel guilty about it . How great is that?! #YUM

What we ordered


Kelp and zucchini noodles baby salad leaves and veggies with a delicious raw pad thai sauce

Raw, began gluten free falafels served with zucchini hummus. beet dip, garlic sauce, pickles, olives and a green salad

Healthy oven baked sweet potato chips with a healthy avocado dip

Packed with fruits and all the good green stuff to help promote healthy digestion and fill your body with essential nutrients 

Is your mouth watering yet??

As you can see this cafe/restaurant is a perfect example of somewhere that provides healthy, nutritious and absolutely delicious food made with love and care. This is really what the world needs more of. Raw ingredients that are organic, using local ingredients and a process of cooking that involves more baking and less frying - helping our waistlines and our longterm health. 

I've taken this from the SADHANA website which I feel is so amazingly true and important;

Eating kindly and consciously unlocks the doors to an abundance of sustainable health and happiness for all beings, our environment and our world. Sadhana Kitchen provides delicious and nutritious living foods and wholefoods made from fresh, seasonal and organic ingredients. We support our local growers and use produce from our own organic garden wherever possible and strive to provide you with the fuel you need to enliven everyday.
I loved every single mouthful and the meal was extremely filling .  
We did manage to squeeze in a takeaway raw dessert each, but it was eaten quicker than you could say 'food selfie' . 

Head over to  http://www.sadhanakitchen.com to have aloof at the menu and a great range of lunchbox deliveries and cleanses now available.

Instagram @sadhanakitchen

147 Enmore Road Enmore Sydney 

ENJOY and don't forget to squeeze in a dessert! I recommend the Banoffie Pie !




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