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Thursday, 9 April 2015


So i've been naked for these last few months, hence why there have been no fashion posts recently ( not really but it sounds better than ' I have nothing to wear ')  but I am BACK in the clothing game and what better way to make a re-entrance than with some super sexy , casual boyfriend jeans ? 
 Winter is well and truly kicking in on Australian soil, and hasn't it bitten us by surprise!? Those spray tanned legs are not being shown in those denim cut offs for a while it seems, so why not latch onto the next best thing . 

Lucky for us our favourite Aussie clothing label COTTON ON has launched some seriously incredible, well priced denim, and did I mention that they were incredible and well priced?
 It almost seems too good to be true, but it 'aint!

I find that looking for denim is one of the most draining tasks when shopping, and the lighting in most shopping malls is beyond awful. It truly makes me want to cry into my boost juice, because I discover in that moment that I will NEVER be Miranda Kerr. I also can't fathom the fact that jeans now cos about as much as half a plane ticket to Los Angeles.  When did this happen? !  It just makes a lot more sense to buy several pairs of damn sexy jeans for around the $40-60 mark, and when you get sick of them, or wear them to death it's not the end of the world.


On that note, I am loving the blue boyfriend jeans in the new : THE WANTED : by Cotton On range. 
The design process has been carefully planned out to provide the customer with the best fit, shape, material and look possible and they have really hit the nail on the head. The jeans look expensive and are a fantastic fit, all the while being well priced and there is a huge range to choose from .

I love teaming the jeans with a casual flat show like Converse, and Cotton On also have released a gorgeous range of  basics in the : ICONS REDEFINED : range, which includes some beautiful monochrome basics that can be worn with almost anything and look classic and chic.
Here I am wearing the white singlet and striped knit from the range and they work perfectly together with the  'boyfriend' look. Casual and cute. 

It's nice sometimes to just be able to wear casual clothes, and this style is truly my ' go to . ' Casual yet with enough pizzaz ( yes I said pizzaz ), to make you feel like you are 'styled. '

I really do applaud stores like Cotton On for providing us with clothing that is well priced but has quality items that look expensive. Cotton on has so many pieces now with their new ranges, that you can mix and style with your wardrobe at home to create a flawless outfit for less than the cost of a local dinner. 

This relaxed boyfriend look is perfect for this in between season and is actually easy to dress up too. I like to wear these jeans with black heels, black singlet, a blazer and red lip. It keeps the look casual but dressy enough to feel sexy and smart casual. 

Have a play around with the look yourself and don't be afraid to throw on a quirky T shirt or even a super cute knit, this look works on everybody , and for $49.95 how can you go wrong !

Check out this style and more colour choices HERE :


Shop the look :



Happy Shopping and STAY WARM!



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  1. Love this outfit - want a pair of boyfriend jeans! They look so comfy, yet so stylish. Great pics :)