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Monday, 2 March 2015


So you may be wondering what day to at a health retreat entails ?  Sleep in, lots of relaxing in the sun ?…well not exactly. Of course you can do these things but there is so much available and happening that you sort of want to seize the day and see the sunrise. It's so beautiful and you have such a beautiful sleep ( if your body isn't detoxing too hard ) that you naturally wake up when the birds start chirping . Beautiful and calming really!

My day began with a 7am Yoga class watching the sun shine over the grass and kangaroos hopping by. 
We learnt a beautiful chant that Geraldine taught us and we began our class with eyes closed, breathing  and chanting these words for togetherness and clarity

Om saha na vavtu
Sahanau bhunaktu
Saha viryam karavavahai
Tejasvina-vadhi-tamastu ma vidvisavahai
Om santi santi santi


May we be protected together
May we be nourished together
May we work together with great energy
May our study be fruitful and bright
May there be no hatred between us 
Let there always be friendship
Om peace peace peace

Even from these words you can sense that there is such a rejuvinating, beautiful and calming nature associated with Yoga and even though I am rather new to it and don't know much about it, I can tell there are aspects about it that would benefit every human being .  Just to remember to stop, and focus on breath is so important, and I feel lucky to be learning from such an experienced teacher at such a beautiful location in NSW. 

After the beautiful start to the day, feeling extremely stretched out and at ' one ' with myself, my stomach was most definitely talking to me.  I couldn't wait for a delicious breakfast of fresh fruit, muesli and a plethora of nutritious toppings like chia, flaxseed and almond meal.
Breakfast at The Golden Door is ever changing and it's so full of flavour and definitely makes you realise how much we eat on the go at home. Sitting in a room full of other guests, having a nice chat to begin your day over good healthy food is one of the best parts of staying here.

After Breakfast I had a beautiful treatment in the famous Golden Door Elysia Spa. 
Truly the best part of the stay. 

I was booked in for the Cleopatra Stem Infusion . Fancy right?
What this entails, is a full body scrub with a salt glow scrub, then being covered in a beautiful clay and being locked in a state of the art chamber for a full body steam which lets the clay sink int your skin.
The chamber isn't scary like it sounds, it's a gorgeous machine that then has 4 heads that spray your body for a water therapy massage ( while getting a scalp massage , yes please),  washing away the clay  and leaving your skin feeling softer than butter.
The therapist then covers you in a beautiful body cream and sends you floating away back you your room for a blissful rest .  There is something very special about the spa here - what is great is that you don't have to be staying at the golden door to go there. To book a treatment have a look at the menu here

Post treatment and little nap, I had lunch which was a beautiful healthy chicken caesar salad, and then I headed up to meditation hill for some alone time, just soaking up all that the hill has to offer. It's extermelly beautiful and does have a special feeling about it. A time to stop, look at the sky and just take in the silence of the hunter valley. 

Day two has been absolutely delightful, and an early 6pm dinner, quick trip to the steam room and bed is what is in stall for me .
There is something about relaxing, and feeling your body detoxing that is quite exhausting and I am going to make the most of an early night, with no television or social distractions.

I wonder what my final day will have in stall for me….



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