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Tuesday, 1 April 2014


Cooler days, call for even cooler ensembles, and really a jumper can make or break an outfit.
 I always find that once I have my perfect ensemble I grab a jumper to take with me and when it's time to put it on, it looks wrong because its too bulky or doesn't fit with what I am wearing,  but I'm freezing so I rock it anyway and pretend that was the plan...

I find a perfect way to overcome this, is wearing lighter tops like a little cami, and a knitted cotton jumper so that your skin and breathe, you stay warm AND added bonus you look super cute the whole time. 

My pick this week from ME & MOO - Bondi Beach is this gorgeous beige jumper mixed with a pastel arrangement that I just love. Comfortable, sexy and well,  did I already say comfy?!
Perfect for this Summer/Autumn transition. 

Shoes - Bensimon

Necklaces - By Charlotte
Jumper- Graham And Spencer

Jeans - J Brand

I really can't get enough of the slouchy/ comfortable/ calm vibe this outfit has. It looks effortless, and that's the perfect way to dress, like you havn't spent hours trying to put something together.
J Brand are always producing the best jeans, and these baby blue are just slighty more interesting than white but not as harsh as dark or light denim.

This jumper will also stand the test of time and last through season to season so a perfect investment, and I love love love that it's slightly transparent but not enough to be raunchy.

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Enjoy styling those jumpers 



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