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Sunday, 27 April 2014


So the sun is out on this amazing monday morning, but there is a chill in the air. We have definitely felt the first signs of autumn and a little taste of what it to come this winter, so I think it's best to be prepared early for the onset of the cold days ahead.

I love a fabulous winter jacket , coat or throw and there are so many on the market and online, so how do you choose just one, that will work with your entire closet?!

Go for a style you feel comfortable with that isn't too outrageous, and a colour you think will match your wardrobe pallet.  Black is always a safe choice, but if you already own one, maybe step out of the comfort zone and choose one with a print, or a brighter colour or even grey. 

If you choose a plain colour you can mix and match a lot of winter accessories like beanies and scarves in various colours and if you choose a colourful coat , keep the accessories simple or just in a neutral shade.

Here are a few jackets that are good quality materials (also a must as polyester won't keep you warm) and these colours are great for this season.

Happy shopping guys and stay warm!

Make sure you choose something you really love and I would suggest going a size up, so you have enough room underneath to wear a nice top and jumper xx



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