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Wednesday, 12 March 2014



Usually not one to wear this style of clothing, I saw this singlet with this great quote and I just had to work with it. I was sitting at home with the singlet on and knew that these black and white jeans that i've been dying to wear would work with it... then I just started playing dress ups and adding funky little accessories and then I just felt like a different human for about an hour!
  Sometimes that's key when getting dressed, look for things that you wouldn't usually consider, and step out of the norm. 
It is fun to play around with beanies (especially when one has EARS)... and whats wrong with wanting to channel Avril Lavigne for a day?!

But what it comes down to is being and individual, following your own style and not caring what anyone else thinks. 
I may not wear a street style look like this for a while but when I DO feel like it, I will, and I'll do it with confidence and enjoy myself because when it come down to it there is only one you, and you can do whatever you want!
Letting go and trying new things is what it's all about. Fashion should be fun.

Beanie - LILYA
Jeans - LEVI's 
Singlet- A List Limited

Shoes - SPURR at The The Iconic

Watch - G Shock


This says so much  . I love this quote. 
Be yourself. Don't be a sheep and follow others in any walk of life. 
You will always get ahead in life and be a happier individual if you follow your own path, and have individuality. 

Have fun and remember to PLAY!



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