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Tuesday, 14 January 2014



Not something that overflows out of my wardrobe, but it's time that changes.  After seeing THIS top skirt combo, my love of flowers from head to toe has changed dramatically. I am completely in love with the whole thing, even if it does feel slightly  ' not me' .
It's actually nice to step out of your comfort zone sometimes and wear something that you may feel strange in, but others will see as refreshing and new. 
Wearing this top together with its mate AND a floral headband is slightly boarding on too much.. but I kinda don't care.... because I kinda love it. It is feminine, flirty, and in a weird way makes me feel a little more mature and elegant, maybe thats to do with the longer hemline. 
The skirt would also look amazing with a black or white singlet, And the top just with jeans or black shorts and flats.   

Skirt & Top - Ebony And Eve
Shoes - The mode collective
Bracelet- Marc by Marc Jacobs

Earrings - 8 Other Reasons

Floral Headband - Diva

I am now a floral lover and can't wait to be in a bed of flowers, that is,
my wardrobe.



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