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Tuesday, 14 January 2014



Denim has been worn since the late 18th century, and there are no signs of it stopping.  Blue, black white, fluro, acid wash, ripped,  the list is endless and for good reason. 
 Denim rocks. ( I had to throw in some kind of 80's slang, we're talking denim here!...)  
But really, there is just no end to how amazing denim is, in every form. 
Most of us have a draw full of denim jeans yes?... and possibly a denim shirt hanging somewhere in the midst of our closets? 
Well why not try mixing it up a little, with different colours and going DOUBLE denim.  
Yes yes, this isn't a 'new' concept.... 
 but let's maybe mix it up from the good old matchy-matchy double denim, and throw in  maybe some white or black denim shorts, and a boyfriend sized shirt.  
Throw on some silver jewellery to funk it up a little. 

Shirt - Ebony Eve
Necklace - 8 Other Reasons
Watch - Diva

Shoes- RMK
Shorts - J BRAND

Bracelet - Marc by Marc Jacobs

Necklace - Loaded - 8 Other Reasons

Bag - Mary and Marie

A shirt like this could be worn so many ways In winter with black jeans and a blazer or even with a cute floral skirt and heels.
There are endless ways to style denim, but for summer I love mixing blue with white.
Classy, fresh and casual .  
See what you can come up with from your wardrobe!



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