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Thursday, 12 December 2013



Every fashion lover has always wanted to put a little GOOT in their life.  Well .. today was my day. 
For those that are wondering what that weird grunting noise is.... its just a totally fashionable slang way of saying 'Josh Goot' ( I know, so colloquial of me. ) 
   His works are like masterpieces and really just allow for the body to slip in to every design and show off his stunning works.  They are all structured so beautifully and look so striking with their patterns and shapes and I felt that this racer back dress in particular had a very Alice in Wonderland style about it which is so flirty, fun and feminine. 
We decided to shoot from above to make the whole thing look very dreamy as if being shot from fashion heaven . I love love love this dress and it is very cool that it can be easily bought online from a fantastic high end fashion online store www.becandcall.com.au
Thank you to Park avenue Pr for letting my play around in such a gorgeous number.  good luck getting it back from my tight grip :) 

Josh Good for MyBecandCall
Shoes - Witchery

With a dress like this... keep it simple.  Minimal or no jewellery but play around with shoes, and a great lip colour if you want to add something extra. Bold patterns such as this deserve to be put on display and really showcased so don't complicate it with too much bling bling



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  1. This is so cool, i love Fairtale-y stuff like this. Thanks, Casey! ;)