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Sunday, 15 December 2013


In Black

Sometimes hearing the word 'jumpsuit' makes us step back in fear as it makes us think of dressing like a giant baby.  But there has been so much happen and in the way of the jumpsuit evolving into a high fashion design that we no longer need to be scared.  They no longer sag around the booty region and they actually give you a waist now, so look no further than one of the perfect onesies  / jumpsuits I have seen this year.  I LOVE this Premonition Designs jumpsuit from www.becandcall.com.au

Simple, clean, elegant and fits in all the right places.  Dress it up with  a belt, or add bright colourful shoes and clutch in maybe a red or orange.   DAYUM GURL you will be rockin' that big baby jumpsuit.

Jumpsuit- Premonition Designs
Shoes - ZARA
Belt - Moschino

When looking for a jumpsuit, look for one that fits YOU perfectly. We all have different shapes, so try on a few and make sure you find the perfect one.  
Nobody needs to look like a giant baby :)



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