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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Shake It Up

My favourite protein smoothie...

So there are far too many complicated, green crazy protein smoothies out there on the market and I have started to realise it becomes a little bit of a 'fad' for most people, because its either too expensive or its all too hard with too many ingredients. 
Below is a perfect smoothie with enough protein for a quick pick me up, or for straight after a workout. 

Here are the ingredients I use for the perferct smoothie to help burn body fat, give you a daily seving of protein for muscle growth and repair, and I use water from the tap,  C Coconut water, or skim milk depending on my mood.    Don't be scared of Dairy.  Our bodies need it and if you don't like the taste, use almond milk. 

Protein Smoothie

1 Scoop of Pea Protein Powder
1 scoop of pot set yoghurt
Cup of frozen strawberries
Half scoop of Super Greens
Table Spoon of Linseed
Half cup of Water/ Coconut water ( or milk )

All bought at Coles  except the NUZEST protein

NUZEST Protein is Alkaline, low in carbs and perfect for any time of the day. I never bloat having this like I do when I take WHEY protein. This also comes in a variety of flavours like Chocolate, Cappuccino and Natural. 

This organic pot set Jalna yoghurt is my favourite as its low in sugar, fat and is in its most natural state. It's a little sour so maybe add honey if its too sour for you. The yoghurt is a good addition to provide your stomach with probiotics which help to add good bacteria to everyday, especially if you maybe had one too many wines the night before!  ;)

Trust me, this does NOT taste bad. It may smell like fish food, but it has fruit extracts which makes it sweet.  It does take getting used to but its worth getting used to. The Spirulina, Chlorella, Barley and Wheat Grass are incredible cancer fighters and give your immune system a punch! Great for anyone that gets sick easily!  Try starting off small and increasing as you get used to the taste. YUM! 
(I promise)

FROZEN STRAWBERRIES.... The best bit.  They make the smoothie a little bit chilled, as you don't want a 'cold' smoothie as its not easy for the body to digest.  The warmer the better but nobody like a warm smoothie. AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FO THAT....(sorry)
 So add any frozen berries or banana for taste and temperature.

THEN BLEND AND.........   Drumroll.......

The Protein Smoothie of legends xx

Enjoy.... xxx


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