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Thursday, 24 October 2013



So the love of the 'onesie' ... character or not, have really taken over the world this year, and I have definitely jumped on the band wagon.  Its just too good to be true.  One whole 'piece' so you can just throw it on and be comfy in just one second?  It's GENIUS and I love feeling like a giant baby again.     C'mon it's the best invention, but I will admit , the Hello Kitty and Pikachu onesies have taken it a bit far... ( I have one... )

 I  don't think people thought that any kind of one piece nappy sack could look cool on an adult until..... I was introduced to the brand 
OnePiece - 
the norwegian original one piece.  We all know them... Justin Bieber , Ed Westwick, One Direction and Rhi Rhi have all been seen rocking their 'OnePiece' and I have to thank the babes at SBPR for introducing me to my first OnePiece onesie and then now the amazingly cool summer range!

They have also linked up with  The Mgrath Foundation for the month of October which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.   So I say get down to 80 Oxford Street Paddington NSW to pick up your PINK onesie ( you too boys )  to help out while looking amazingly cute in the process. 

Pink OnePiece for Pink Ribbon Day
just hangin'
also wearing havaianas

OnePiece Black and White Cap
Grey Separates singlet
Oroton Black bralette
OnePiece Seperates
Grey Singlet and Shorts

Separates - Grey Singlet and Shorts
OnePiece Flat Cap
Oroton Bralette
DENIM look Onepiece Onesie - shorts version

Denim look - shorts version

So like they say at OnePiece...




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