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Monday, 9 May 2016


On Friday night, myself along with a room full of excited theatregoers, were transported into the future, to the year 2350 and taken on a musical journey at the opening night of We Will Rock You !
We Will Rock You has taken the world on a mind blowing musical ride in 28 countries and now Sydney's own Lyric Theatre is getting a taste of this million dollar dazzler and you can too!

If you don't know too much about this musical yet, I can assure you this will be one where you know every word to every song, as Ben Elton has created a musical based around Queen music.
 YES all seats were dancing to 24 legendary songs including Radio Gaga, We Are The Champions, Another One Bites The Dust, Somebody To Love, Bohemian Rhapsody and the list goes on.. Being crowned the UK's favour show and having over 3600 performances and standing ovations in the UK , it really does speak for itself as being a MUST SEE!

The musical is set in the future in a time when music is banned but the kids are rebellious and fighting against a world of "synthesised pop" - craving the words and the sounds of Rock and we get taken on a journey to find the instrument that brings us into the new world of Rock and Roll.
What better way to showcase Queen music, and the cast do all of the songs justice ( musical's answer to the Oscars! ) You are sure to be absolutely blown away by the star studded cast, including, Casey Donovan, Brian Mannix, Gareth Keegan, Erin Clare, Simon Russel, and the absolute stand outs for me, Jazz Flowers and Thern Reynolds. Each and every performer takes on their character and take us into their world as we get to enjoy their journey and sing along as well!

I was lucky enough to take my Mum for Mothers Day, but the show is definitely one for all ages, and my niece (12) and nephew (9) enjoyed the show just as much, and have been singing Queen songs around the house all weekend! Apart from the music, you can tell that this multi award winning show, which has sold over 16 million tickets worldwide, has had a lot of focus on props, sets and costumes, and it's so great to see UK's favourite show being played right on our doorstep with class and style.

Being a performer myself it's so great to be able to sit back and be proud of our fellow Aussie performers totally doing this international success justice and I can assure you that you will love every second of the show. It really is a show for all ages and great for a night out with the girls, Aunt or Nan, or even group of mates after dinner at The Star. I'm a huge lover of musical theatre and it's definitely such a wonderful part of life being able to go out and be entertained and left on a high for days. 


For tickets to WE WILL ROCK YOU head to :

Playing at the Lyric theatre for a limited time make sure you don't miss out on this one or you will sure to regret it. Such a fabulous night out and now I can't stop playing Queen songs through the house! 
Grab your tickets from the above link and if you are posting all about your night don't forget to post on your socials about how much you loved it #WWRYAU !





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