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Sunday, 13 March 2016


Ever had that thought of 'I wish I didn't have to take a bag or wallet with me?'
 Well now this is a reality! I have used Cash by Optus in the past using the android device, but now they have launched accessories, making it easier and cooler to use ( you can choose from a wristband or sticker on the back of your device.) 
 No more running to the gym with your wallet in your hand, or nights out at a bar or club with a bulky bag, the dream of swipe and go as you please has been introduced to the world by Optus with Cash By Optus and I was lucky enough to have a taste of how it works with this sexy sleek wristband in my favourite colour, at the Taste of Sydney festival. 

The Taste of Sydney Festival provides an amazing day out with endless foods and drinks from all around Sydney. With stalls and stands sharing their produce, its hard not to overindulge… so that's just what I did!   

I was lucky enough to be given the latest in payment technology and ran around the festival like a kid in a candy store buying up and testing out the amazing Cash By Optus wristband! The sleek and lightweight band links with your android Optus handset/ or IOS smartphone, and after a swipe of the wrist over the Eftpos machine, all of the cheese and wine I could dream of was mine, and I didn't have to lug around a bag or wallet the whole day (more room for cheese I say!).

Using Cash By Optus is quite liberating and seeing the faces on shop owners is priceless. They love seeing how quick and easy a purchase can be made, and its so convenient and easy for everyone.

it works like this….

Simple easy and effective, and you won't go overboard on your spending because of the $100 limit with each purchase, also making it safe if you happen to lose or misplace the device. 

I had an absolute ball testing out the wristband, and although you don't even have to have your phone on you to use the wristband,  it was handy for me to be able to see my spending on the Cash By Optus App, as it deducts your spending before your eyes and you can monitor how much is left in the account, providing you with an available amount right away, handy!

The TASTE festival was amazing and I was able to wave and go with the wristband with absolutely no problems or hassle and I absolutely love that you can track your spending on the app. Any store that has VISA pay wave will allow the accessories to work and you don't already have the app or aren't an Optus member it's super simple to join and download, and the perks are well worth it . 

If you are a keen exerciser, love walking, yoga or Pilates, walk the dog often or just like to be lightweight and not carry a million things this is the perfect addition to your life. 
The wristband comes in many colours and is sleek and un-invasive, making it the perfect accessory for the busy human on the go ( i'm looking at all of you! )

The world is moving so fast and with these amazing changes in technology helping to make all of our lives easier, it's hard not to get excited !  I had a wonderful day testing out this amazing technology and whats not to love!!?

To find out more about Cash By Optus or to sign up head to ;

All the information or questions you may need answers to are there and I hope you enjoy as much as I did. ….Now, I'm just going to sit back and enjoy the wine, cheese and bacon jam ( yes BACON JAM ) that I purchased, and dream about my next shopping expedition.

 I'd also like to give 3 beers……..I mean cheers…. to Optus for bringing this amazing and affordable technology into the world. 

Hip hip...

Happy shopping everyone !




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