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Monday, 14 December 2015


The festive season is here already, and I feel like I say this every December, but wow did that year fly?! It feels like only a few months ago I was dodging humans at Westfield trying to get the perfect wrapping paper for my 15 bags of overflowing gifts!  The thought of another year fighting through a shopping mall to buy gifts for people in my life who already have everything is somewhat scary and debilitating! But it must be done, and with little time and lots to buy, I am beyond glad that this handy little app has entered the world just in time for Christmas!

Have you heard about Cash By Optus? Ok let me put it to you simply. 
Makes. Shopping. Easy. 

YES I'M IN and need to know more!

So with this handy application, I am able to transfer funds (up to $500) to my Cash By Optus account and when I go to purchase an item or two ( under the amount of $100 for safety purposes) I take my android phone, and hold it over the payment machine, as it uses Visa Pay Wave technology and BOOM, purchase made, and money deducted from the account. 
 I know what you are thinking…. My phone is like a debit card now?  Pretty much! Which means you can leave your handbag at home, and wander around the shopping centre with ease, and more hands to carry your gifts!
 I took it for a test run and was SO impressed, it really makes life easier!


My first test run was to get my Niece something summery and cute from Cotton On Kids. 
I found the perfect dress which to my surprise was also on sale for $15.00 and then for an extra $5.00 I got a gorgeous summery drink bottle.  Adorable!   The girl put it all through and then asked if it was on card or cash…. Her face was priceless when I said " i'll just scan my phone "…. So I held it over the machine with batted breath, a loud beep….Success! Present number 1 purchased and all with a swipe of my mobile phone….this could get addictive!!


Next stop was to Target to get my older Niece an iTunes Gift card. 
Must be my lucky day as the $30 gift cards were on sale for $24 so I asked the young boy working if he wanted to see something cool. He of course said yes and watched me swipe my phone, purchasing the card, and once the payment is successful you can see your available balance once the money is deducted. It makes keeping track of spending so easy.. ( the guy was also super impressed! )


Already 30 mins into my Christmas shopping, but needing a caffeine hit, I met my mum up at Nespresso to purchase my brother in law some coffee capsules ( and "try" a coffee, as if i've never had one there before, don't lie you know you do it too!…) 
I chose two flavours and I let the girl behind the counter have a go as she was interested in the app and had never seen such a thing… I was feeling super high tech obviously. 
Wave, go, and purchase made for $13.60! 


With $107.15 on my available cash, and at least 3 more gifts to buy I had to be savvy.
I had to buy for my Sisters Birthday/Christmas so I headed to a store I knew she would love called Perfect Potion and found some beautiful calming tea and a chakra spray for calming and healing. 
Both gifts came to $34.90 and they gift wrapped for me too ( a perfect time saver as well )
The girls in the store loved the Cash By Optus swipe and go and how easy it was for them as well. 
WOOHOO two more gifts done, and all with a quick swipe and straight in the back pocket! 


So my available balance after buying my previous items was $72.25 and I knew I had to buy for my Mum, so I headed to the bookstore Harry Hartog and found the incredible Humans Of New York book ( which I will be stealing thanks Mum ) and Diane Von Furstenberg's Biography. 
The bookshop was super busy with people acting like every book was about to sell out ( and I needed to get out),  so as the girl scanned both books in, I waited one more time and with a beep my purchases were a success! For $59.98, two amazing presents and I was FINISHED SHOPPING!


So I managed to spend less than 2 hours in Bondi Junction Westfield, I purchased 7 gifts and only spent  $150!  I have to say I was super impressed that the new technology of Cash By Optus was accepted at every single store, as I thought that maybe some of the payment machines wouldn't have the new technology but they all did, and it truly did make my shopping experience easier, and to be honest more enjoyable. 
It created a lot of conversation with the store owners, and I loved being able to see the spending and account balance along the way, as swiping a credit or debit card can result in spending too much because it's not in your face to see each time ( I know I am victim to this! )  

The ease of not having to lug a big handbag around, and not having to fumble through looking for my wallet each time also made the whole experience less stressful and I think the best part about it was I had a limit I had put on myself and I managed to shop smart and purchase 7 items without busting the bank, because I was able to continuously check the widget and keep track of what I was spending . The application makes shopping easy, convenient and seriously hassle free !

I actually can't wait to wrap up my gifts and put them under the tree ! 
- It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas !! - 

If you want to find out more information head to 

- make your shopping experience better with Optus and Cash By Optus.


Lots of Christmas love and cheer xx



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