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Thursday, 19 November 2015


Last week I was having a conversation with two of my delightful gal pals about health and lifestyle. Obviously everyone leads different lives and we all come with health histories and we can all try and do the best we can to gain optimal health and happiness but there are so many things that get in the way but we all have to have a little balance of course.

 I am lucky to surround myself with other likeminded people who also want to learn more about their bodies and how to improve them best we can, and they had told me about this really amazing 3D body scan at Detoxologie in Bondi Junction, that they were booked in for… I had to know more. 

One of these gorgeous ladies had been suffering with some mild but uncomfortable issues for some time, like bloating, tiredness, water retention and some other female stuff not being on time…
( don't worry men I won't go into details..)  but things weren't looking or feeling tip top so she had booked in for the 3D body scan and it came back ( immediately might I add ) showing that she had a parasite in her body that was throwing everything out of whack creating a lot of discomfort. A small alkalising detox following the scan, a coarse of antibiotics and she is back to her normal self with a few other aspects of her body that she learnt about through the scan which may help to avoid certain diseases or health problems in the future, pretty nifty huh?!  

 I HAD to book in!

So what IS the 3D body scan??

It's a machine that checks the cell vibrations of every organ in your body, building a complete picture of your current state of physical and mental health.   Holding a small metal rod, you sit still for 5 minutes while the completely pain fee and non invasive works its magic, and you are immediately given a report detailing your levels, and a practitioner talks you through what you see and if need be they can recommend the remedies or solutions to help you get to your optimal health.

So There I sat, little rod sending waves through my body, wondering if the burger I had the night before would show up ..(lucky I had a green juice next to me proving how 'healthy' I am )
You feel no pain and no vibrations at all, but up on the screen came my results and I was slightly nervous to see what was going on in this body of mine! It was extremely thorough from what I could see by my results on the screen and I am told it's 89% accurate!

There is a graph left to right and if your little line shows up in the middle you are A - OK in that area,  if its to the left you are under or 'lacking' and to the right, you are over or at a higher level than normal. The practitioner talks you through all of it and they really know their stuff! Looking at my results we spent about 30 minutes talking through every single organ and my individual levels, so interesting!

I actually fared up pretty well! I guess the healthy eating, and regular workouts are keeping my alive and well for now, but there were a few things that showed up that I was happy to find so I can supplement myself and level everything out.
 It came up that my body was quite acidic and I have quite low blood sugar levels at times, so working on diet and eating times, and making my food more alkaline were big points for my findings.
 Also finding out that my adrenals are quite low which means it's easy to burn out and feel exhausted at times (I HEAR YA) so she recommended some supplements and tonics that I can take to help with this. 

I found the whole process extremely interesting and when you see the print out it's incredible what the scan finds out about you and in so much detail, also in under 7 minutes !

 My other friend that went discovered some abnormalitis in her thyroid, so I guess being able to find out things you may have never looked for before is amazing and I think a must for everyone. Why not take a simple test with this incredible technology and find out a little more about that precious body of yours! 
Because don't we want to feel our best at all times?


Commonly treated conditions include:
  • fatigue
  • digestive problems
  • skin issues and the root
  • hormonal issues
  • headaches
  • poor immunity
  • anxiety
  • chronic disease
  • allergies
  • weight issues
  • thyroid
  • para-thyroid and calcium deficiencies
  • bone density
  • BMI
  • Plus a lot more

If you are interested in doing the 3D body scan head to 

Call and make a booking and a special offer of only $99 still applies .

I highly recommend the scan and I look forward to hearing if you do to!



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