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Monday, 20 July 2015


Layering in winter is a must, and i'm not just talking about gloves, beanies and the old trusty scarf we have lying around . Lord knows it gets exhausting trying to change up your daily attire with only a few old wooly choices from the wardrobe.  It doesn't have to be all about the most comfortable warm old favourites, but if you search hard enough for a few key items to make your winter attire look chic then its a win and you will truly feel a million bucks!

I am really enjoying long vests and mixing them with black jackets and a classic boot/ skinny jean at the moment. High waisted skinny jeans are so comfortable and you can tuck in any singlet, t-shirt or long sleeve top you want, and throw on a long vest and then mix it up with your jacket collection. 
It creates a fun layer that is a bit unexpected and different.  

 If you want a pop of colour go for a cute watch or bag like I have, or make your underneath top the feature. It's all about individuality and bringing out YOU in every day. 

I crave colour, especially in winter but it's so hard to find where to use it. 
I am in love with this pop of orange, and this Lipault Paris luggage bag is so great for overnight, and travel and the colour really brings some life into everyday.


Singlet - H&M
Jeans- CottonOn
Jacket- Mossman Clothing
Vest- Top Shop
Shoes- South of The Border
Bag- Lipault Paris
Watch- Daniel Wellington 


PHOTO CRED : +Augustin Chauvet 

I love to be casual, so finding new outfits, different styles has to match that, that is why layering is such a fantastic way to be yourself with your own sense of style. Find what you like, and throw it all together, if it looks too busy, take something away. 

Have fun and enjoy the process !

( let us also dream of warmer days to come ! )



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