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Tuesday, 7 July 2015


Everyone dreams of having the perfect skin, plump, pimple free and naturally glowing sans bronzer. I know, that in the winter months all I want to do is bathe in 1000 Litres of moisturiser just to get some hydration happening, and I feel like I have to keep applying moisturiser and foundation when I am out because my skin is just too dry to handle it. Winter is the perfect time to treat yourself to those much needed facial and body treatments that you know you need ( and deserve ) . I've had my fair share of facials, but I thought it was time to hit this face with something a little stronger, and then I stumbled upon the MaxRF treatment at Laser Clinics Australia ( Zetland ) . 

I had read about it while waiting for my usual hair removal and had not too much knowledge on what it entailed, but thought the girls behind the desk looked super incredible and flawless so I booked in to test drive it for myself ( easily influenced you might say!)  I mean if the treatment 'rejuvenates the skin'  and 'visibly reduces imperfections ' well hey, I may as well book myself in for several sessions ! 

I don't have 'bad skin' as in acne scaring, but I do tend to be a 'picker' and like to scratch at the dry spots on my face and this treatment apparently helps to get rid of any of those little scars and marks.  YAY!. 

I walked in, lay down and had my gorgeous therapist Trina come in and cover my face in numbing cream (possibly the strangest feeling ever ! ) and after about 20-30 mins my face was numb enough to endure the little needles that puncture the surface of the skin ( it sounds a lot scarier than it is ) . 
She traced my face with the mini pin pricks and I only said ' ouch ' about 2 times…. but I am a bit of a woos. After less than 5 mins the treatment was done and I was left a little red, but with a lot to look forward to! 

(eek little red spot be gone!)

 Post treatment

After 30 mins


Fractional RF works to rejuvenate the skin and visibly reduce imperfections. The combination of fractional radio frequency ( fractional RF ) and dermal stamping work together to stimulate the skins supporting elements. 

The heating caused by the RF encouraged the collagen fibres in the skin to contract while stimulation the production of new collagen and elastin without over heating the skin. Dermal stamping encourages the body to repair itself, resulting in healthier looking skin with a visible reduction of imperfections. 

The benefits include

- improved skin tone
- firmer skin
-plump skin
-reduced acne scarring 
-reduced pore size 


I ended up having 3 treatments and on my last have noticed that my little scars on my cheeks have gone down by about 90 % . The down time after the treatment was about 30 minutes as the redness went down, and I immediately noticed a change.  I now have a healthy glow and only have to wear a tinted moisturiser ( always with a 30+ ) during the day and I have found that a few strangers have complimented my skin on looking nice and flawless ! YAY!  Usually in winter I am ducking for cover and wearing hats to hide my peeling face, but it seems that 3 of these bad boys have really worked. 


 After 3 treatments

I loved every second and the results speak for themselves! 

If you suffer from acne scaring , or are looking for a 'plump' more vibrant skin tone this is most definitely the treatment for you ! It does come at a cost, but I don't believe it's too excessive and at the end of the day, its an in investment …. for your FACE! I think the amount we spend on healthy foods, and gym memberships, whats a little extra for our main feature ? 

Laser clinics now have 30 % off all treatments so best to be calling to book yourself in now.

Head to 
to find your nearest clinic and keep your eye out for specials by joining the mailing list. 

If you go to the Zetland Clinic in Sydney make sure you ask for Trina :)

Laser Clinics Zetland
( 02 ) 8599 9897





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