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Tuesday, 14 October 2014


So what do you do when life is making you feel a bit ' blah ' and you can't seem to find your mojo ?
 Jump out of a perfectly good plane from 15000 feet to get a bit of perspective ?!

Well…That's what I did !   

So the last month in my life hasn't been the best time of my life, a few ups but mainly downs, having my manager of 8 years sadly pass away ( rest in peace Mark xx) , separating from my partner of nearly 5 years, and a whole lot of drama that filled into my head just wasn't making life fun. 
Life was a little bit sad you may say.   
I think people could sense it a little bit and it's amazing the people who you surround yourself with can make all the difference.I am so lucky to have such amazing friends and family to support me , or in this case throw me out of a plane!

I went up to QLD for a bit of a getaway/ work trip , and my friend picked me up from the airport and said ' are you ready for your adventure to start now'…. well, my head was thinking … Oooo burger and chips on the beach watching surfers!!…. But no I was wrong, very very wrong.

The car turned out of the airport and straight into another part of the airport to ' Skydiving Ramblers of Noosa'….. and after the whole ' haha you're just joking lets go now…. I quickly learnt that this was not a joke , and I was being forced to face fear in the face , get on a plane and leap out of it again.   


Something I said about a week before 
" you couldn't pay me to jump out of a plane ".. 

The sane part of me was thinking no no no I can't, and the 'YES MAN in me just thought… ' if your ever going to do it , the time is now, and why not? Life is short, it's time to leave all the sh*t behind, and do something wild, and I can't even begin to explain how amazing it was !

I signed my life away, had a 5 min tutorial and up I went….

I have never been so scared, excited, exhilarated and so damn proud of myself for doing something that every grain in my body was going against. I literally feel that now I have done that, I can do anything !

It was beyond scary but the funny thing is, I would totally do it again!  It's actually amazing how as humans we just spend our whole time playing it safe, unless you are a crazy thrill seeker, but majority really do play everything safe.

I am still buzzing from the adrenalin that the jump gave me , and it really was more than just a jump from a plane , it was more a leap into the next phase of my life, and to be honest I couldn't be happier.

I have the thank Skydive Ramblers Sunshine Coast for the most amazing jump buddy and also to my pal Tito for forcing some life back into my life. I wouldn't have done it without being forced, and I truly appreciate it !

No who out there is next ???


Do something that scares you !

- Watch the video here!-

Book your jump here!



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