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Tuesday, 7 October 2014


 I am SO excited to announce the news that I am the DREAMER and current ambassador and face of sleepwear label NATALIJA the Label.  A Beautiful range of silks and sleepwear that will make any woman feel beautiful. What I love is that the label also focuses on health, lifestyle, and making nighttime the best time of the day.

I am in love with every piece from the collection and can't wait for you all to try the beautiful pieces too.


Below is the ARTICLE and Announcement made on NEWS.COM.AU  


IT SEEMS everyone these days wants to be a health blogger. And who wouldn’t? You get to practise what you preach and if you’re good at it, gain followers and make a living out of showing off your lifestyle choices.
Few are more successful in Australia in the health blogging game than Casey Burgess. The actor, singer and health and fashion blogger has thousands of followers on social media and has just landed a prime gig as the new face of Australian designer sleepwear label — NATALIJA.

“NATALIJA the label is not only about beautiful sleepwear, but is also about being healthy and looking after yourself, even in the evening,” she says. “That’s what attracted me about the brand — our values truly align. I am a firm believer in the importance of having a night-time ritual to ensure I get my beauty sleep and I wake up feeling on top of my game,” Casey said.

Aside from most recently making her mark as a fashion and lifestyle blogger and leading Pilates instructor, Casey is still recognised as a former member of Hi-5. She has also appeared on Channel Seven’s Home and Away and Network Ten’sWonderland.
She has always taken good care of her health but now she is making a living out of it, we asked her to share her top tips to a beautiful body.

Casey top three health tips:
1. Get moving.
My biggest joy is Pilates. But if this isn’t your thing, just put on your sneakers and move! It slows down ageing and keeps you healthy, while allows you to have that cheeky glass of wine if you must have it.
2. Eat clean as much as possible.
Steer clear of any fried or sugary foods and your body will thank you for it! Try having protein with every meal and putting chlorophyll in your water to detox and alkaline the body.
3. Switch off and relax before bed.
Turn off social media at least one hour before bed and get an early night. I always have a camomile tea before bed as find that this helps to relax my mind and body, plus helps keep my skin clear.

Casey is passionate about the night-time health and wellbeing space and feels it’s important to educate women as to why it’s essential to have a healthy evening regime. “I get so excited when it’s bedtime and I get to slide into my garments. They feel amazing, and I feel beautiful wearing them. That’s the only way women should be feeling when they go to sleep at night, really!” Casey said.
NATALIJA is available to purchase online at www.natalijathelabel.com.au with prices ranging from $70 for nighties to $110 for lace robes.

 Jump online now and check out the gorgeous collection!


Christmas is just around the corner and what a perfect gift for anyone you know who wants to feel beautiful and relaxed at home and at such a reasonable price point !



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