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Wednesday, 6 August 2014


Detox headache detox headache detox headache !!

I didn't even know my body needed a detox, and after a month of not drinking I though I would be fine. Even cutting out that one coffee or piece of chocolate has serious effects on the body and I can't wait for the results of a clearer system, and whiter eyes - they call it the Golden Door Glow! 

Waking up and doing Tai Chi on day 3 was magical . I could get used to this! We learnt a few more moves in the sequence, gave our thanks to the sun and began a new day. I love the team spirit up here and slowly you start to make friends and it makes the whole experience so empowering . 

I went for the walk after Tai Chi and couldn't wait to hang out with the gorgeous kangaroos and their joeys. I didn't run much of the 4.5km because I was really feeling the burn from the day before! The wildlife around this property is just amazing and the golf course, like I said is such a beautiful place to start the day ( and work the legs on all the hills - ouch! )


We then headed up to breakfast which was a delicious muesli and then poached egg ( yes just one ) on toast with smoked salmon and spinach .  I again had 3 servings of muesli it is just too delicious !

After breakfast was stretch class which I was desperate for !  It's so funny that I even teach Pilates, but I hardly ever stop to stretch, and you really do feel the benefits and how important it is to do everyday!


My mind was racing a little because I knew I had a hypnotherapy session, which I was slightly nervous for .  When you are detoxing and completely out of your regular life pattern, you notice you start to feel quite emotional they call it ' teary tuesday ' haha and I just had a feeling Hypnotherapy would bring a lot of stuff up that I may or may not be ready for.  But I headed in being completely open and willing and ready and have never had a more amazing experience in my life. 

First I walked in and met Sonjia who was doing my session, and we had a chat about what kind of things I wanted to get out of the session. I wasn't too sure about just one,  but we focused on a few things and when she got an idea of me and my intentions, she lay me down and began.
It wasn't like I was out of body or out of mind, because she spoke to me after putting me into an almost 
 'meditational' state. I felt heavy and had a real image of what she was talking about . She started to talk about my inner child and to imagine her, and I immediately felt a sense of love and care for this little girl I could see and then Sonjia made me speak to her and relay some things that I saw .

 A lot more happened but it's very hard to translate, but what was clear to me is that she had me in a position that my inner conscience was talking to me and what my inner child saw and translated was what I needed to focus on more as an adult. I'm sure that sounds super confusing but something within that session made me realise how much I need to look after my inner child and care for her and myself and it gave me a real sense of power and a recharge to the system that I think will pave the way for the rest of my life . I truly recommend this to everyone, and you will all have a completely different experience.

If you want to speak to Sonjia you can contact her here : http://www.soulanswers.com.au

PHEW - after all the tears and the emotional 80 mins, I took myself up to Meditation Hill and lay in the sun and watched the clouds  ( that definitely kept my inner child happy! ) It's amazing the things you miss when your always looking down at your phone or at a computer. Try yourself, and get outside for at least 5 minutes a day and count how many fun things you can spot in the clouds . 
It's actually really fun and relaxing .

I went back to my room feeling so relaxed that I fell asleep ( I never nap ) so this was an amazing achievement and after an hour, I woke up ready for the Golden Doors Signature massage the 
Balancing Mud Moor Bath and hot Stone massage.

Talk about divine.  I wont even try to describe the experience in detail because you have to come and try it for yourself. Think, hot oil, salt scrub, mud bath, and hot stones.  Yep. Total heaven and I am counting down the days till I can have another one.  My body got a total scrub down, then a detoxifying mud bath and then the incredible hot stone massage with such an amazing therapist. 
It was seriously heaven. 

I literally couldn't speak after, I was so relaxed, so I floated to dinner and joined some of the amazing men and women I have met over the stay, and had a beautiful dinner in the dining room.
We had a beetroot soup and a delicious chicken and vegetable pie with a side salad.
The food is so amazing and you can ask for smaller portions if you are trying to lose weight or ore food if you feel a little hungrier ! 
After dinner we had a drawing class which ended up being a huge game of dictionary next to the fire with chai lattes - and I have never laughed so much! 
We all had so much fun , probably delirious and at the peak of our detox, but it was such a lovely way to end the night and get to know people some more.

Thats what is so special about golden door, everyone is on a different journey and here for a different reason and it really opens your eyes to other people and you open your heart to strangers which is such a warming feeling.  I love everyone I have met here , and the staff are so loveable and friendly. 
I never want to leave !

Call to book your stay!



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