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Sunday, 3 August 2014


After the invitation to come and experience The Golden Door Elysia in the Hunter Valley, I coudn't get here fast enough. I have heard such amazing things and always knew I would come at some point, but now is the time, and I couldn't be happier!

Golden Door, for those who don't know is a health retreat, for people to come and experience a getaway and a structured stay for many reasons. A new direction, motivation, grief, change, weight-loss, weight-gain, there are varies reasons why people come and thats why it is so amazing. I believe we are all in need of some kind of motivation and taking the time out to find your personal path is so rewarding and I can't wait to see what these golden doors have in store...

Day One

On arrival, the bitchumen cracking under my car tyres and the stillness of the lake beside me already made my shoulders relax and I knew I was miles away from home.
I was wholly and completely ready to see what these golden gates had in store for me .

On the huge locked gate in front of the large driveway heading up to the building, was a greeting sign kindly telling you to leave all snacks in your car and to turn off your mobile phone
 ( yikes this might be harder than I though , and i'm not even in the gates yet...)
What I kind of love about that is that you have a chance to relax, and I mean really relax.
I knew I was entering a world where I would be rid of all habits, good and bad, and all of my inhibitions would be put aside allowing me to escape well and truly for the first time in 25 years.  



I left all my belongings in the car, walked through the tranquil 'Golden Doors' and was greeted and checked in with big smiles , and left with an evening schedule for what was planned for the afternoon.
My room overlooks the beautiful mountains and there are kangaroos hopping around everywhere!

I headed straight to lunch ( of course ) which is organic, fresh and preservative free so it tastes beyond amazing and was extremely filling . We had a vegetarian lasagne and salad with fruit and tea - delish!

We were then taken on a guided tour of the property, which is so beautiful and tranquil , and led into a stretch class , which was perfect after being in the car for a few hours. 

We each had a 'Wellness Appointment' to take measurements and work out what you want to achieve from your stay. It really sets you up so you can achieve what you want out of your time here, so you can implement the changes you wish to make, into your home life. 

After your BMI test, and blood pressure check you have a little chat about what YOU want to achieve .
.... and in came the tears! 
Call me female, hormonal whatever you like I clearly needed this escape more than I thought, and maybe just stopping and talking about your deepest darkest passions and emotions is what most of us need to be able to have a good work / life balance !

I came to the conclusion that I would like to work on my 
life/ work balance / motivation / anxiety.

although these things for me aren't major, I would just like clarity on each and I can already feel that this place has a very positive and caring vibe, from the other members but also the team who work here. 

We then planned my treatments for the week

- Mud Moor bath soak
- Hypnotherapy session 

I did get very emotional talking about all of my inner thoughts and feelings out loud but that's what this place is for ! Who cares, nobody here knows me and if I can go back home being more spiritual in myself and confident in my own choices, thats a huge leap in the right direction!

I can't wait to share with you how these experiences go!

After this we had Mocktail hour , which consisted of Apple, carrot, cucumber and beetroot juices and then off to a beautiful dinner of a vegetable soup followed by a fish curry (which was to die for!)

I headed back to my room which had had candles and an oil burner placed in the bathroom so I could take a relaxing bath before bed.  


Can't wait to share day 2 and 3 with you all....


Here are the contact details in case you wish to enquire and see if 
The Golden Door is right for you!

165 Thompsons Road, Pokolbin NSW 2320
Toll Free: 1800 212 011
New Zealand Toll Free: 0800 775 779
Ph: 61 2 4993 8500



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