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Sunday, 13 July 2014


 Pilates has been quite the phenomenon all over the world for quite some time now, and I have fallen in love with it - because it works.  I have finally completed my Pilates Trainer course and have been teaching at my mums

Balmain Bodies pilates studio.

I decided to do the course because... why not?!  I love it, I do it all the time, and I needed something outside of the entertainment industry to keep me fit and also .... sane !

I have put together a small video sharing the Series of 5  for those people who want a small workout they can do at home or at their local park that doesn't take too long but gives fantastic results .

If you go to a gym, you probably have done an abdominal curl, and you have probably done a million of them and seen no change?  Honestly, try these 5 moves.   Do only 5-10 reps correctly and wait to feel the burn!

Give it a go!...

Can't wait to hear about your results ! I have more videos coming soon so stay tuned !

OH! I have also found the perfect pilates / exercise gear that lasts and lasts and luckily is cute too!

It's FUN, colourful, the quality it durable and best of all, it's australian made and designed, what more could we want?!

Check out the latest  www.runningbare.com.au
 ( this floral print launched tomorrow! JULY 15th)

I'm also loving these mats by Kamuka Active - 

So colourful and different to anything else out there! 

Give Pilates a go, and I can tell you it will be a life changer.

Try my video every day and I can guarantee you will see and feel a difference!

At the end of the day it's all about giving it a go.



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