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Monday, 9 June 2014


 Looking for the perfect outfit for this colder weather that is a little bit out there, but a lot stylish?
The 'matching suit' - in pattern!

This lightening bolt suit is loud, busy and incredible!
It takes guts to wear a suit as a woman in general, as it can sometimes fit in all the wrong places, but if you can spend the time to shop around and find one ( or get one tailored ) that FITS it's completely worth it.

I am loving the idea of a full print suit as it's so outrageous and amazing and you can wear it together or seperate from each other and it can be worn from day to night.  

Matching the jacket and pant together is more of a statement , and if you find a colour or pattern that works to your comfort level GO for it! 

Team the pants with a simple plain coloured shirt or singlet, and you can also just wear the jacket alone with a simple dress and make that the feature.

It's win win and you have so many outfits to look forward to wearing with just 2 additions to your wardrobe!

Ruby Sees All The Label - Suit

Opi - Nail polish
Make up - Model Co and Chanel

Heels - Glue Store

Enjoy looking for your perfect suit, as it's something you will keep for years and can mix and match season to season.  
I would suggest trying on suits, as online buying can lead to receiving something that doesn't fit well enough and then you won't wear it.  

From day to night, add a bold lipstick or a coloured heel, and try not to wear busy jewellery or accessories as your suit IS the feature .

Feel confident , bold and beautiful and trust me, a suit makes you feel powerful!

Be confident and find that perfect suit!



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