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Friday, 7 February 2014



Houndstooth.    Not just a tooth in a hounds mouth, or a pattern for David Jones. 
Houndstooth is making a huge comeback in fashion and I love the way it can be mixed and matched with pretty much your whole wardrobe. 
The black and white houndstooth print is the most common, but it can also be found in other variations like pink and green, which I think look a little more 'costume' than high end  fashion.

Its a print that takes some guts but its definitely a good staple to have in your wardrobe as its a bit different, will make your outfit stand out, and possibly even......
stop traffic ;)   ( so so corny )   .   LOVE IT.  

Top - Elliatt
Watch - Thomas Sabo

Top & Skirt - Elliatt
Shoes - Wittner

Shoes - Wittner

Ring - Swarovski
Watch- Thomas Sabo

I love this combo together, although it is a little overload... 
so maybe start small... with a top or a skirt mixed in with your usual get up.
I had so much fun shooting these with my amazing gal pal Nikki Phillips. @styledbyphillips



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