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Thursday, 27 February 2014



As of today... everyone can feel Autumn approaching.  It's not as great getting out of bed, there is not as huge a buzz for the weekend ... and well.. everyone's Facebook status' like to remind us that ... yes... 'its raining'...    
But to be honest .. I like to look at it like this..
Its raining...so I can wear gumboots! 
Also we get to start looking for that fabulous coat that makes every drab day fab !

I actually can't wait for it to be cold and rainy so I have an excuse to wear my coat of choice this season that's been staring at me for a few weeks. This gorgeous cobalt blue BEBE coat.
Every season, most stores have a  fabulous grey or black coat that is the 'must have' that we spend our hard earned $ on to last us a season or 2. 
But it's definitely worth investing in a bold coloured coat this season.
 Mix it will all different neutral shades and patterns and you will brighten up even the darkest day :)

Jacket - BebeSydney

Bag - Sportsgirl
Watch - Thomas Sabo
Ring - Tiffany & Co

Top & Skirt - Ruby Sees All 

Gumboots - Christian Dior

The detail in this coat , doesn't take away from all the other patterns and colours 
which goes to prove that a bold coloured statement coat is the go!
Mixed with other shades you can colourblock, and with heels and boots you can dress it up.

Stay snug :)



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