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Tuesday, 21 January 2014



Wearing a bikini for your body type is super important for many reasons. 
There isn't too much left to the imagination to begin with when it comes to swimwear, so we need to take a carful look at our body type, and choose a bikini based on which lines flatter our bodies the most. 
I for instance am short in the torso and legs, and have a very sporty build, so I have to be careful that I don't wear a piece that covers too much in the bottoms or takes away my curves, as I can look very masculine so I like to opt for a slimline bikini to balance and draw attention to all the 'right' areas. 
Try on some bikini's and ask for your friends opinions. If anyone is going to be honest it should be them ( if they are a good friend anyway...)
Its such a great feeling when you find a brand of bikini that just ... works!  
I love this range by Cantik Swimwear ... because it has a fun retro edge, and a range of styles and colours that you can mix and match to suit YOU.   


Byron One Piece - Cantikswimwear
Glasses - Ray Ban

Watch - Thomas Sabo

Bikini - Padang Set in Tavarus
Necklace - Bali Markets

Pants - Ubud High Waisted

Ubud high waisted- ( rolled down ) 

Glasses  - Roc Eyewear

The 50's High waisted style is a tricky one and HAS to be worn with confidence. I was told by my BF (also my photographer) that all high waisted bottoms look like a nappy...
well... what do boys know about cozzies anyway !
I suggest giving it a go... 
if anything you will stand out !




  1. would give my life, to kiss your beautiful ass .... please give me a chance, I'm latin and very hot ....

  2. Dear Casey..I am a fan from Indonesia.
    I would like to watch you sing if you published on youtube.
    I really love your voice...thank you