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Sunday, 26 October 2014


I have literally discovered the worlds most amazingly incredible cozzies. 
Superheros, the beach , and did I mention superhero's ? 
Clearly this has made me too excited to even type, but I have found swimwear that not only allows you to swim (well lucky that), but also to transform you into someone a million times cooler than yourself !

Let me introduce, Batman , Superman and Wonder Woman …. well the first two should be SuperGirl and BatGirl but you get the drift…

These are SO much fun and clearly a bit of a gimmik so with Halloween around the corner, they are the perfect choice for a party or just to nab an extra bit of awesomeness during the day
 ( and lots of attention on the beach ! ) 

This range is being released by the one and only 
Who are knows for extremely fun tights and prints and I think these take the cake. 

If you have the guts, seriously get one and rock it…. I did, and look how happy I look! HAHA. 
It's always fun to be a kid again…

My personal favourite is Wonder Woman and the looks I got when shooting these pictures from passers by, were lots of smiles laughs and heaps of '  SAVE ME Wonder Woman… "   

Not creepy at all….

Sometimes its fun to change it up and have a laugh, and who doesn't like to dress up!?
 Well now you have an excuse to do it at the pool or the beach so what's stopping you!
Find your inner super hero and slip on one of these bad boys and hit the beach!


Photography  - Tito Antonio Photography 



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