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Sunday, 7 September 2014


When it comes to Spring , we need to somehow climb out of our dark black wearing holes, and find some colour in our lives. It's kind of hard when your skin is pasty, and you feel like you havn't seen a warm day in forever, but thats nothing a bit of cobalt blue can't fix!  

I am in love with this colour, and it seems to be popping up everywhere again which is a great thing because it looks fabulous on almost everyone !
This colour immediately makes skin tone look fresh, and it can be worn during the day and night . A pop of colour this bright can sometimes be TOO much for some people, but throw on a jacket or even a loose jumper and just have a little bit of it popping through. 

This cute little jumpsuit from Three Of Something is perfect for those casual days, and I love that it adds a cute waist band, helping to create a nice shape in the waist . The fact that this is a playsuit just makes it extremely comfortable and its shorts so you can move around a lot! 
Excuse me while I do cartwheel...

This is a perfect outfit for casual weekends. I love the colour, and accessorising it with the black and white from the waistband. Throwing another colour into the mix would make it, well, rather "Hi-5"
 ( and I should know ;) )

But the whole outfit its cute, simple and SO Spring right now so head out there and find yourself something in cobalt blue and just wait and see the colourful reactions you will get . Maybe along the lines of, "oh don't you look fresh, or " Wow did you get a facial? "
- NO,  just decided to ditch the blacks and wear some colour for a change! - Bizarre how colour can wake us up and change the mood of a room.  Its a wonderful thing! 

You can shop this exact look here: 

Jumpsuit - Three Of Something

Watch - Daniel Wellington

Glasses - Supa Sundayz @ Ambition Fashion Coogee

Shoes - Spurr shoes @ The Iconic.com

Bag- ZU Shoes

Thanks again to my gorgeous gal pal Nikki Phillips for being my superb photographer xx

Have fun, and lets hope this sun stays out !



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