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Sunday, 24 August 2014


Kookai has always been a favourite, from the days of tight colourful singlets and matching it with tight white flared pants (what were we thinking) - that's the 90's for ya!
But style and fashion has evolved, less is more, and sexy and classic is IN!

This years show took the cake with a fun flirty range and lots of monochrome / pops of colour. Something for everyone. 

I love white, classic and demure and can be teamed with everything in your wardrobe so its a strategic choice. But the colour is fun and the best thing about Kookai is it reaches a large demographic. 
Eg. I buy it and so does my mum who is 60 . It suits all shapes and sizes and is at a fantastic price point so when you hit the ' oh crap I have nothing to wear this weekend' Kookai is right there with something sexy and  affordable . What more could you ask for ?

When you find a range like this, it pays to pop in store and try on the things that take your eye and pick a classic piece or two to coincide with the rest of your clothes. 
I chose this almost 80's style jumpsuit because its classic, will stand the test of time , and it's fun!
I can wear it with a blazer, a red lip , or flats and a cute little hat to make it a bit more casual.
That's the thing with fashion, you can mix it up to suit you, and someone else may wear it completely differently. 

Pop into a nearby Kookai store and do a little bit of a try on and see what suits you.

You will most likely find a bunch of things that work with everything else you have in your wardrobe and you will be months ahead in terms of outfits and your credit card won't take a beating !


Happy Shopping




  1. Love this jumpsuit!!! So gorgeous....looks great on you. I am looking to purchase it online....can I ask what size you have on? Thanks! PS - Love your blog and would love to work with you #BloggersWanted xx

    1. Hi lovely ! It's so cute isn't it! Mine is a size 8 and they are very true to size . xxx