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Monday, 23 June 2014


When I received an invite in my email inviting me to create my own 'BESPOQUE'  skincare range,
 I was already trying to workout what kind of quirky name I would choose to call it.

There were so many questions I had about this amazing idea. How do they make a product on the spot? How do they get my name on the packaging? Where do I get one??

The invite asked us all kinds of questions like what was our favourite flavour - Coconut, Avocado or Honey also along with what our favourite style was - I chose Vintage Chic 
and lastly what 'sensation' - Soothing was my choice. 
Already this event and launch was so interactive and 'Bespoque' I couldn't get there fast enough.

The morning was an amazing breakfast at The Grounds of Alexandria and my breakfast was an amazing honey and coconut bircher ( aah that's why they asked .... I though I may be getting myself an avocado and coconut face mask! )

The idea behind this launch is amazing, a completely bespoque experience where YOU the buyer can go into any Terry White Chemist, and on a computer screen create your own moisturise , cleanser etc, based on your own skin types. 
You get to choose the colour of your packaging and when ingredients you want in the creams AND you get to name it.

Would you also believe its under $100 ?


We got to try all the tester out and then off we went, creating our own skincare - while we sat and wait.
10 mins was all it took ....

It really is  ' skincare designed by you' -  
10 minutes and only $65 dollars later, and I have created 'Casey's Calming Care' moisturiser for dry skin with a soothing finish.... in my favourite coloured packaging - Turquoise. 
I chose the fragrant free option but there is also a rainforest and a more floral scent, both absolutely divine. 

With so many ' do it yourself' and custom made options out there BESPOQUE is a fabulous idea and a great way to make your skincare suited just for YOU and your own skin issues and needs.

Thanks to POLKADOT PR for having me and sharing this great beauty idea with us all.

Now it's your turn to try it for yourself!  



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