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Saturday, 24 May 2014


Tropical holidays call for a plethora of bikini's a lot of sunscreen and a suitcase full of floral.
Keeping it classy and simple with your bikini makes it easy to change day to day with the rest of your poolside attire. I have been lucky enough to stay at this incredible poolside villa in Canggu Bali , at 
-which is just incredible and relaxing and I can assure you you will never be out of a bikini.

This simple strapless Seafolly black bikini has been perfect ( especially for no tan lines ) and the kabuki print shorts also by Seafolly are PERFECT for pool to lunchtime antics.

Pack light, pack smart and you are in a safe zone of looking cute the whole time!

I've adopted a #balibun topknot which I have been told looks ridiculous but i don't care. It's out of my face and totally Miley inspired!! :)

Seafolly bikini
RAYBAN - glasses

Seafolly shorts - kabuki print  

A HUGE thank you to HACIENDA VILLAS Bali. 

I completely recommend this hotel for anyone with a large group of friends. It's a little out of the hustle and bustle and has 5 huge villas that you can share. 

The staff are generous friendly and the hotel is just divine and very relaxing - I mean just LOOK at the private pool! 

Remember to pack light as there will be so much shopping !

If you are looking for a perfect bikini to bring with you, have a look at the new range of Seafolly as there is a mix of black and florals that are perfectly suitable for a tropical holiday like Bali.




  1. Hermosa.... Gracias a Dios que existes. La vida es más bella solo con tu presencia������