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Sunday, 23 March 2014



After finding the amazing online store
I couldn't go past this gorgeous summery pattern. As I have a tropical holiday coming up in a couple of months, I am trying to stock up on pieces to take, so I don't have t rely on hotel sarongs and possible 'Bintang Singlets...'... as they are not so great for the ' oh yes I always look this fab when on holidays..' (I wish)
It's always hard when you know you have a weekend away approaching, but all the stores are stocking winter clothing so you end up going away with an old pair of scraggly denim shorts and a crushed singlet or maxi dress.  ( ok maybe not you but I am a shocking forward planner and always give my summer clothes to Vinnies before thinking ahead. )
But not this time. 
 I have stocked up and feeling like i'm one step closer to drinking a mimosa and relaxing on the beach in my new floral ensemble. 
The colours of this dress are so gorgeous and it can be worn with flat, thongs, or a cute pair of heels for a dressier occasion .  

Dress- Incyda

Here is the link to the above dress

Also if you're looking for other varieties of this dress with the same pattern keep a look out on the 

Incyda instagram

Or at mine

As there are always new styles and links being uploaded.

Happy Holidays everyone!



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  1. wearing the dress makes you dominating the photo :)