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Tuesday, 22 April 2014


I wanted to share a little bit about some hair , make up and tanning tips, to keep yourself looking more natural than completely ' done up.' 
Nobody wants to look completely caked up all the time, or have that fake orange tan and bleach blonde hair with black re-growth 11 months of the year, so I have a few simple tips and brands to help you keep it simple and natural but still look phenomenal!

So let's start with the TAN .
 Ok most of us have had a horror story when it comes to tanning at least once in our lives. Streaky, patchy, smelly and orange!  Tans should NOT look orange. 
These products have well evolved over the years and yet people are still walking around town with patchy tans and oompa loompa legs. 

-  look for a tan that has a green base
-  exfoliate and shave BEFORE the tan 
-  if using spray on / creams buy a tanning mit, they help to even it out
-  don't over tan your face, but buy a slightly darker foundation & Bronzer
-  pay a professional - they get it right every time

My favourite tan is called MINX tanning and you can get an 'at home tan' using this product 
if you are in Sydney for only $40 . Yes they come to YOU!

Just call DEANNA on 0430576348
OR 0414962801

It will be the most natural amazing colour and everyone will think you have just been in Fiji. Trust me! 

Top - Daniel Avaiken
Short- Blessed are the meek

Now for the HAIR.  
Ok I have had my fair share of hairstyles , but my biggest tip would be to find a fabulous hairdresser that cares about your hair and has a good knowledge about face shapes and hair colouring to match your personal skin tone .

This is the most important factor I believe, as if you just keep chopping and changing hairdressers
 ( pardon the pun ) , there is zero consistency and you will have hair that's the wrong colour and a cut that doesn't do anything special for you. A good cut is crucial for everyday styling .

I was lucky enough to meet Dario from Dario Salon in Darlinghurst and he took me under his wing and changed my hair for the better in every way possible.
He looked at my face shape, and my skin tone and we took it from long limp and dull, to short warm and healthy. 
Natural hair colours are much more stunning than a full head of bleach or a packet of black dye from the supermarket that has no life in it and leaves your hair dry and unhealthy. 
Spend the dollars where it counts, and lets be honest, hair is everything when it comes to topping off an outfit .  Also keep in mind that its beneficial to use a good shampoo and conditioner to maintain your locks in between visits.  
I change mine all the time which probably isn't the best but I am loving the purple shampoo that tones my  blonde hair every couple of weeks. 

Now for MAKE-UP

 LESS IS MORE. Always.
That's not to say that I don't love a good coverage with my foundation, because I do, but it has to be evenly spread and the perfect colour match to your skin. Ask those woman in the coats behind the counter in Myer or David Jones. The ladies who always look beautiful. They do this every day for a living and can give you expert advice!
There is nothing more dodgy than a ring around the neck of foundation that is too dark .. ick!

For longer lasting foundation and concealer
- use a primer or
- moisturise underneath to keep skin from drying out

If you decide to make eyes the feature, of your made up look, don't do a bold lip as well.
 a simple rule is 

DARK EYE    with  Light Lip


DARK LIP       with   Light Eye

For everyday make up like I am wearing in these pictures I have focused mainly on a mix of 

- foundation and tinted moisturiser
-  nude lipgloss
- bronzer on eyelids and under cheekbones
 - mascara
- powdered highlighter on cheekbones

I like keep some make up top ups in my bag just incase so I usually carry 
- concealer

Try not to keep caking on foundation during the day, as even if you are having a bad skin day and want to cover it up, this will just clog up your skin and not let it breathe creating worse skin.

Look at your face and study it. Whats your best feature? Big Lips? Big eyes? high cheekbones? freckles?  

We are all different and believe it or not... we all have different faces! Shock horror!
So let's stop trying to compare ourselves to others and work with what we've got.
If a tan makes you feel better, do it!
If wearing red lips makes you feel sexy, go for it, but all in moderation as that's when your true beauty and looks will shine through and you will look confident and classy.
The two best things you can be !

I hope these tips have helped you a little, soon i'll be posting an at home pamper regime too. 



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